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Jen-Ken AF3P Fuse Box 6/4.5 Flex

Item ID: AF3P Fuse Box 6/4.5 Flex
AF3P Fuse Box 6/4.5 Flex
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Why Flex? This kiln comes apart to allow you to utilize your maximum creativity!

AF3P Fuse Box 6/4.5 Flex is great for metal clay, fusing glass jewelry, glass bracelets, enameling, ceramics, and it comes apart, too... talk about multi-function! Plus, it is also good for making samples and test tiles because of its speed. 

If you insist, this kiln can make vitrograph but it will have to use a miniature 3" pot.  So, if vitrograph is what you really wish to create, we suggest you go for the 9" version as it will be way more satisfying!

This kiln is also very economical because at only 1200 watts it actually uses less energy than your hair dryer.  Also, it is lightweight and easily portable. If you are in love with making jewelry, than this is the perfect starter kiln for you!


  • 3-key Digital Orton Controller
  • JUMP START Programming
  • Shelf Kit: 1 full shelf, 3 each 1/2" posts, and 1 lb. kiln wash
  • Kiln bricks for stand
  • High Temperature Lid Coating
  • Vent Hole Plug
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


  • Kiln Model: AF3P Fuse Box 6/4.5 Flex
  • Kiln Dimensions Inside: 6" (length) x 6" (width) x 4.5" (depth) 
  • Elements: Side Element Only
  • Max Temp: Fires to 2000° F
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Amperage: 8 Amps (You can plug it into most household outlets)
  • Watts: 1200 Watts
  • Receptacle: 5-15R
  • Shipping Weight: 40# (UPS)
  • Optional: Viewing Window (in lid)


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