• Jen-Ken

    Jen-Ken Kilns Jen-Ken Kilns has been committed to building the finest electric kilns for the contemporary fired arts community.

  • Olympic

    Olympic Kilns Olympic builds electric kilns in many shapes and sizes, keeping in mind that you have different firing requirements and need a kiln sized just right for you.

  • Paragon

    Paragon Kilns With over 4,000 kilns in 20 product lines, Paragon has the largest kiln selection in the industry to support your firing requirements.

Kiln Frog is proud to be an authorized distributor for Jen-Ken, Olympic, Paragon, and Evenheat kilns!

We have glass fusing and slumping kilns, clamshell kilns, square front-loading kilns, multi-purpose kilns that not only fire glass but metal clay, enamels, ceramics and much, much more! You can customize your kiln with optional viewing windows, bead doors, and/or specialty lids. Plus, all of our digital temperature controllers are easy to master.

ALL of our kiln prices are quoted at the 100 % DELIVERED PRICE! That means... no need for a freight quote or to be surprised with hidden residential / lift-gate charges as prices include all shipping charges within the contiguous United States... UPS and motor freight!

Don't be fooled by websites with lower prices and flat rate shipping. Most of them have additional fees for residential delivery! At Kiln Frog, what you see is what you pay!

At Kiln Frog, we’ll provide you with uncomplicated information about buying a kiln. We’ll give you the details in the most straightforward way possible. We’ll offer you the most clear-cut, competitive pricing options available.

We’ll do all of that because we believe that you want what we want; honest, up-front service from nice people….who don’t take themselves too seriously.

  • Our goal is to make it effortless to navigate through the seemingly endless number of kilns and options out there.
  • Our job is to gather that information into understandable options, so you end up getting what you really want and need, instead of what someone else wants to sell you.
  • Our commitment is to give you the best price possible. We will match any and all competitive prices.
  • Our intention is to do this in an entertaining way that delivers peace of mind, and a few laughs.

What makes us different?

We’re artists, creative-types, just like you. We use the tools, equipment, and supplies we sell, and we won't sell something unless we think it's a quality product.

We care about what you buy, and why you buy it, and we know this is important to you so we’ll listen, respond, and help you out. 

In addition to selling kilns, Kiln Frog is...

  • an exclusive Bullseye Glass Co. authorized dealer. We sell a full-line of sheet glass, frit, powder, billets and stringer, and Colorline Paints!

Relax! Take it Easy!

Get Comfortable and jump on in... overcome the hurdles, and take a giant leap forward with Kiln Frog.

 Evenheat Kilns

 Bullseye Glass Co

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